[ A.J.A. Symons ] Typed Note Signed "Julian Symons", thanking a "Mr Hill" for letters relating to his brother, A.J. A. Symons, writer and bibliographer..

Julian Symons, miscellaneous author inc. detective story writer
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26 St George's Square, London, SW1. 26 April 1944.

One page, 12mo, sl. chipped and aged but text clear and complete. He thanks Hill for responding to his appeal for letters from his brother "A.J.", and returns them (not present. "They will help me to obtain that complete and rounded picture of my brother which is the object of my biography. | Thank you, too,for your explanatory notes on the letters -- I remember A.J. saying something about the album compiled by A.T. Bartholomew, when he was hot on the quest for Corvo."

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