A co-operative [booksellers'] catalogue' entitled 'Detective Fiction: A Century of Crime: First and Early Editions'.

R. A. Brimmell; Boris Harding-Edgar (Charles Rare Books)
Publication details: 
Hastings and Hildenborough; [circa 1966].

Forty-four pages, octavo, with two-page leaf of addenda loosely inserted. Four pages illustrating seventeen pictorial covers on art paper. In printed card wraps. A worn and creased copy of an influential catalogue, issued at a time when, as the introduction points out 'catalogues devoted to detective fiction [were] something of a rarity in the book trade'.

A memorial service for Dorothy Leigh Sayers (Mrs. Atherton Fleming) M.A. (Oxon.): Hon. D.Litt. (Durham) Born 13th June, 1893 Died 17th December, 1957

[Dorothy Leigh Sayers]
Publication details: 
ST. MARGARET, WESTMINSTER [...] on WEDNESDAY, 15th JANUARY, 1958 at 12.30 p.m.'

Unbound bifoliate. Four unpaginated pages. Dimensions of leaf roughly 8 inches by 5 inches. In very good condition, but with two instances of light creasing. The lessons were read by Val Gielgud and Judge Gordon Clark, and the panegyric was by C. S. Lewis.

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