Typed letter signed and one typed note signed, both to Sewell Stokes,

Karel Reisz
Publication details: 
1971 and 1972, both with letterhead 15 Chalcot Gardens, England's Lane.

Film director (1926-), husband of the actress Wendy Hiller (1912-). The note, 9 December, 1971, one page, 4to. "Here is David's response to my cry for help. Could you read it and give me a ring suggesting what should be done next. And please send David's letter back to me. The photo of the poster is, of course, yours." Signed "Karel". The letter, 10 November 1972, one page, 4to. "How nice to have your note. Yes, indeed, I am sending Mother out to work again! What's more with Tony!

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