[John Keble, Anglican cleric and poet.] Autograph Letter in the third person, recommending that 'Mr. T. Sneyd Kinnersley' apply to 'Mr. Parker, or Mr. Harrison the Architect' regarding an engraving.

John Keble (1792-1866), Anglican cleric and poet, a leader of the Oxford Movement, after whom was named Keble College, Oxford [Thomas Clement Sneyd Kinnersley; James Park Harrison; John Henry Parker]
Publication details: 
Hursley Vicarage [Hampshire]. 21 December 1849.

2pp, 12mo. On the first leaf of a bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded twice. 'Mr. Keble presents his compliments to Mr. T. Sneyd Kinnersley, & is much concerned to have received his note so late, that it was impossible for him to return an answer in time for the 20th. He has no spare copies of the Engraving, or he would gladly forwarded [sic] one. Neither does he know whom to apply to about it, unless it be Mr. Parker, or Mr. Harrison the Architect, [i.e. James Park Harrison (1817-1901)] whose address is | 11 Chancery Lane | London. | Mr.

[Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Austen Chamberlain.') to his neighbour 'Mr Kynnersley', declining to part with 'a piece of the meadow', suggesting that his tenant acquire an allotment instead.

Austen Chamberlain [Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain] (1863-1937), Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer [Thomas Clement Sneyd Kynnersley (1803-1892) of Moor Green, Moseley, Birmingham]
Publication details: 
6 November 1889. On letterhead of Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded twice. The letter, which deals with domestic matters, but has some interest considering the writer's father's views on land reform, is written a year after Chamberlain's return from his studies in Germany, where he had been alarmed by the rise in Prussian militarism, and with him on the verge of his entry into politics in the footsteps of his father Joseph Chamberlain. (He was also the older half-brother of the future Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.) It begins: 'Dear Mr.

[Sir George Ferguson Bowen, Governor of New Zealand.] Autograph Letter Signed, discussing T. A. Sneyd Kynnersley and 'the Maori difficulty'. With Autograph Letter Signed from Rev. Reginald Broughton regarding Kynnersley ('the best specimen of hero').

Sir George Ferguson Bowen, successively governor of the Ionian Islands, Queensland, New Zealand, Victoria, Mauritius and Hong Kong; Rev. Reginald Broughton, classical scholar and educator [Thomas Alfr
Publication details: 
Bowen's letter: 26 March 1870; on embossed letterhead of Government House, New Zealand. Broughton's letter: 11 March 1866; Vallombrosa [i.e. Vallombrosa preparatory school], Cheltenham.

Two highly interesting letters relating to nineteenth-century New Zealand. Both concern Thomas Alfred Sneyd Kynnersley (1839-1874), chief warden and commissioner of the Nelson South West goldfield, whose entry in the New Zealand Encyclopaedia states was famed in the colony for 'his ingenuity and daring'.

Manuscript list, by 'J. Wheeler Pottery Branch', of properties in the Staffordshire townships of Shelton, Penkhull, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Knutton, Keele and Madeley, describing the properties, and naming owner, lessee and occupier.

J. Wheeler, 'Pottery Branch' [1830s property listings for the Staffordshire townships of Shelton, Penkhull, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Knutton, Keele and Madeley] [Josiah Wedgwood; Ralph Sneyd]
Publication details: 
Undated [1830s], on paper watermarked 'G W | 1835'.

23pp., landscape folio; on twelve leaves pinned together. Fair on lightly-aged and dogeared paper. The document is clearly official, perhaps relating to the Poor Law or Reform Bill. With numerous emendations in different hands. Each page is a printed form, divided into five columns: 'Number on Plan.', 'Description of Property', 'Owner', 'Lessee' and 'Occupier'. (The plan referred to in the first column is not present.) Properties range from 'Field (Glebe Land)' to 'Railway'; and from 'House. Barns. Stables yard & Garden' to 'Canal & towing path'.

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