[ The 'Peter Pan' touring party of 1912. ] Original photograph of the '"Peter Pan" Tour 1912.' A studio photograph of 39 men, women and children, with dog, in touring party. From the collection of 'John Kelt' who played the pirate 'Noodler'.

J. M. Barrie [ Sir James Matthew Barrie ] (1860-1937), Scottish novelist and playwright, creator of 'Peter Pan' [ Eric Forbes-Robertson (1865-1935), artist and actor ('John Kelt') ]
Publication details: 
British, 1912.

36 x 20 cm. black and white photograph on card. In worn condition, chipped and frayed at the edges and corners, with the top edge cut away in a wavy line along the heads of the top row. The photograph derives from the collection of the painter Eric Forbes-Robertson, who acted under the name of 'John Kelt'.

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