[ 'George Franklin | The World's Worst Wizard' and 'original cod prestidigitateur'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('F Spence.'), requesting a book from the Thule Press.

'George Franklin | The World's Worst Wizard' [ F. Spence ] and 'original cod prestidigitateur'
Publication details: 
On his letterhead, with autograph address Green Gates, 55 Corton Road, Lowestoft [ Suffolk ]. 16 September 1948.

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, aged and creased. The letterhead, in orange and blue, boasts that Franklin is 'The World's Worst Wizard', and is headed 'Too Tuubes [sic] | The original cod prestidigitateur with a new act which is packed with crazy comedy and clean fun'. He asks him to send 'Stevenson Toy Theatre Book', and asks if he has 'any books on Marionette & string Puppets'.

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