['The Overseers of the Poor of Leeds' (near Maidstone, Kent).] Itemised manuscript bill to the Overseer Mr Bottle from Burr, Hoar & Burr, attornies, King Street, Maidstone

Burr, Hoar & Burr, attornies, King Street, Maidstone, Kent [Mr Bottle, Overseer of the Poor of Leeds, near Maidstone, Kent]
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[Burr, Hoar & Burr, attornies, Maidstone, Kent.] Undated, but covering the period April 1817 to July 1821.
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3pp., folio. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'Mr. Bottle | Overseer | Leeds', with Maidstone postmark, and docketted 'Burr's Bill | £24 14s 8d'. In good condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. Headed 'The Overseers of the Poor of Leeds'. Closely and neatly written, with the forty itemised entries going into unusual detail. The first entry, for 6s 8d, reads: '[April 1817] Att[endin]g. you on Stonham's Son in law hav[in]g. applied to a Magistrate for an Order for relief of his Grandchildren & aftwds upon the Magistrate with you & him & advis[in]g. thereon when we convinced him that under the Cir[cumstanc]es no such Order cod. be granted'. Entry for 7 July 1821 (13s 4d): 'Long Attend[an]ce. on Mr. Bottle Mr. Ellis & the Pauper & exam[inin]g. the two latter relative to the sev[era]l. Hirings & Services of the Pauper with Mr. Ellis at Sherness & Langley when there certainly appeared some reason for the Appeal as to the Pauper & his Wife & their second Child & tak[in]g. Minutes of their Evidence'. The last two entries, both from July 1821, read: 'Att[endin]g. you on their hav[in]g. threatened to send you back the eldest Child & advis[in]g. thereon & as to your right to remove it again to Swarden if they did so [6s 8d] | Att[endin]g. upon Mr. Ottaway & point[in]g. out the folly of such a Proceed[in]g. & that it wod. be only incurr[in]g. unnecess[ar]y. Expences to both P[ar]ties when he promised to see them & prevent it [6s 8d]'.