[Sugar plantations in Jamaica.] Two Manuscript Banker's Letters relating to the Duckenfield Hall, Meylersfield and Friendship Estates, made out for the London firm of Hankeys, and signed by partners Cyril Gurney, H. A. Trotter and L. M. Harvey.

[Cyril Gurney (1868-1926); H. A. Trotter; L. M. Harvey; Duckenfield Hall Estate; Meylersfield Estate; Friendship Estate; Jamaica; Jamaican sugar plantations]
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Duckenfield Hall Estate letter: On [Hankey's] letterhead of 7 Mincing Lane, London, EC; 29 December 1915. Meylersfield and Friendship Estates letter: no place; dated 26 June 1917.
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The two items are in very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Accompanying the two items is the envelope in which they were contained, docketted: 'Letters. | Duckinfield [sic] Hall Estate | { | Meylersfield Estate & Friendship Estate Trust'. Both items are signed 'Cyril Gurney | H. A. Trotter | L. M. Harvey'. ONE (Duckenfield Hall Estate letter): 1p., 4to. Begins: 'Owing to the value of Duckenfield Hall Estate being largely in excess of £6,000, the sum at which it stands in the firm's books it is agreed between us that in the event of the death of a partner his executors shall receive a share of the surplus profits after ten per cent has been paid on £6,000.' The letter continues on the topic of the action to be taken 'in the event of the estate being sold'. A descendant of the English judge Sir John Gurney (1768-1845) and a member of a prominent abolitionist family, Cyril Gurney had married Margaret Evelyn Trotter in 1894. TWO: 1p., foolscap 8vo. Setting out what is to be done with 'any profit or surplus arising from the sale of Meylersfield Estate or from the trust in connection with he winding up of Friendship Estate.' From the Hankey & Co. banking archive.