[James West and Nathaniel Hardinge, Joint Secretaries to the Treasury.] Eight itemised manuscript Treasury money orders, each signed by one of them and made out to Paymaster of Pensions Charles Compton.

Nicholas Hardinge (1699-1758) and James West (1703-1772), Joint Secretaries of the Treasury [Charles Compton (1698-1755), Paymaster of Pensions and Member of Parliament]
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The eight all from Treasury Chambers [Whitehall, London]. Dating from between June 1753 and April 1754.
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The eight items show signs of damp damage, with flaking and some loss of text. Four of the eight are made out for specific individuals, and four for groups of persons, are each foolscap 8vo, with five of them 1p. long, and three of them 2pp. long. Each written on the first leaf of a bifolium, and each addressed on the reverse of the second leaf 'To the Honble: Charles Compton Esqr. Paymaster of His Majts: Pensions'. Seven of the receipts are signed (all from Treasury Chambers) by either 'J. West' (four, 26 June 1753; 6 July 1753, 11 October 1753 and 7 January 1754) or 'N Hardinge' (three, 16 August 1753, and 6 and 10 April 1754). Each of the eight is headed in a form similar to the following: 'The Lords Commrs: of His Majtys: Treasury having this day directed the Sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds to be issued to You at the Receipt of the Exchequer upon the Unsatisfyed Order in Your Name as paymar of His Majestys Pensions Their Lordps: are pleased to direct You to pay over the same unto the Duke of Somerset for One Quarter due the 5th April 1753 on his pencon of lb1000 pr Ann I am | Sr | Your most humble Ser | J. Wes'. The following titles at the foot of the eight documents: 'Mr Compton for Duke of Somerset lb250'; 'Paymar Pencons lb50 for Lady Harriot Campbell', 'Mr Compton for Mary Selwyn Widw lb100'; 'Pencons for Meliora Bodens etat lb1870'; 'Mr Compton lb2127 s10 d0 for Meliora Bodens etat'; 'Paymar Pensions for Mr Bodens et at lb1813'; 'Paymar Pencons for Meliora Bodons etat lb2162. s10' 'Mr Compton for a List of P<...>'. The four group orders deal with the same group of 42 people, beginning with £30 for 'Meliora Bodens' and ending with £62 10s 0d for Gilbert West. Other individuals in the list are Mary Lady Beauclerk, Lady Bollenden, Sir Arthur Crofts, Sir George Champion, the Countess of Effingham, Lady Fielding & Sisters, Lord Kilmallock, Sir Thomas Langley, the Earl of Peterborough and Sir George Wynn.