[ Printed pamphlet on First World War military disability. ] Disabled Sailors and Soldiers. How they are being Re-built at the Nation's Cost.

Ministry of Pensions, London [ John Hodge (1855-1937), Labour politician, first Minister of Labour (1916-1917) and second Minister of Pensions (1917-1919); First World War; military disability ]
Publication details: 
'Ministry of Pensions - Official.' [ London ] Printed by 'D & S' in November 1917 ('11/17'). [ '(13715). Wt. 2275 - G 93, 200 m, 11/17. D & S. E 1256.' ]

16pp., 16mo. Stapled pamphlet. Aged and worn, with rusted staple. Inside the front cover are quotations from Hodge and his predecessor as Minister of Pensions G. N. Barnes. Initial note: 'The following pages contain a general and necessarily brief description of the system followed by the Pensions Ministry.

[Civl List Pension, 1838; signed and annotated by Chairman] 2. Select Committee on Pensions. Paper delivered in to the Committee. |PENSIONS connected with LITERARY or SCIENTIFIC EMINENCE, and with USEFUL INVENTIONS and ATTAINMENTS in the ARTS, ETC

[E.A. Sanford, M.P., Chairman of the Select Committee on Pensions, & others]
Publication details: 
'Paper delivered in to the Committee, 21 July 1838'

Pp, [1]-81[82], folio, unbound as issued, stitched, p.[82] being a sort of title, minor wear and tear to outer leaves, mainly good condition. P.[1] signed by the Chairman of the Select Committee, E.A. Sanford, M.P., writing boldly to p.[82] "My Papers & Mem's as Chairman of the Civil List Pension Committee", and adding a few words of information to the margin of p.52.

[Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland.] Printed prospectus, headed 'Baptist Union Annuity Fund.', for 'The Baptist Union Annuity Fund for Retired Ministers, and ministers' Widows and Orphans.'

[Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland; The Baptist Union Annuity Fund for Retired Ministers, and ministers' Widows and Orphans]
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Without place or date [c.1875].

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper, with closed tears along a central vertical fold. The first three pages carry 32 numbered rules, on the topics: Titles; Design; Management; Membership; Subscriptions; Benefits; Repayments; Funds; Disputes; Alteration of Rules; General. The last page carries three tables (first two regarding 'Ministers' and last on 'Widows & Orphans'), headed 'Schedule of Subscriptions and Payments'. Scarce: no copy located on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat. The Times of 12 October 1875 carries a report of the passing of the resolution by 'Rev. Mr.

[James West and Nathaniel Hardinge, Joint Secretaries to the Treasury.] Eight itemised manuscript Treasury money orders, each signed by one of them and made out to Paymaster of Pensions Charles Compton.

Nicholas Hardinge (1699-1758) and James West (1703-1772), Joint Secretaries of the Treasury [Charles Compton (1698-1755), Paymaster of Pensions and Member of Parliament]
Publication details: 
The eight all from Treasury Chambers [Whitehall, London]. Dating from between June 1753 and April 1754.

The eight items show signs of damp damage, with flaking and some loss of text. Four of the eight are made out for specific individuals, and four for groups of persons, are each foolscap 8vo, with five of them 1p. long, and three of them 2pp. long. Each written on the first leaf of a bifolium, and each addressed on the reverse of the second leaf 'To the Honble: Charles Compton Esqr. Paymaster of His Majts: Pensions'. Seven of the receipts are signed (all from Treasury Chambers) by either 'J.

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