[Henry Lamb, artist] Three Christmas Cards to Robert Lynd, essayist, and Sylvia Lynd, poet

Henry, Lamb, English artist of the Camden Town Group
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One dated 1948, another1950, one undated.
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Three cards (bifoliums), 15 x 12.5cm, 11.5 x 18cm, 10 x 12.5, inscribed by Lamb either below image on front or on inside blanks. Images, two b & w, one faintly purple background, presumably by him, are: Madonna and child (inscribed page[3] "With love from | Henry Lamb"); Carol Singers (inside "Best wishes from | Henry Lamb") ; children and teenagers playing cards (under image on front "With love to you both | from | Henry Lam.| Xmas/48"). Image available on my website.