[Victorian poor law.] Manuscript volume titled 'An Assessment For the Relief of the Poor Of the Parish of East Langton In the County of Leicester. And for other Purposes chargeable thereon According to Law'.

[The Parish of East Langton in the County of Leicester; Poor Law]
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[East Langton, Leicestershire.] 'Made this 26th. Day of April 1841. After the Note of Sixpence in the Pound'. Continued to 18 July 1843.
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99pp., landscape 8vo. In heavily-worn original black-cloth quarter-binding, with remains of marbled paper on boards. The volume consists of ten quarterly sections, each signed by the churchwarden and overseers, and signed off by two justices of the peace. The first assessment (26 April 1841) records 43 occupiers, and the last (18 July 1843) 55. Each opening is a complete printed form, with 16 columns covering the two pages. In the following example of an entry, the manuscript is given in square brackets: No. of Assessment [9]; Name of Occupier [Cobley John]; Number of Votes [1]; Name of Owner [Revd. Jas. Ord]; Number of Votes; Description of Property rated, whether Lands or Houses, &c. [House & Garden]; Name or situation of Property [Ch Langton]; Estimated extent [A 0 R 0 P 20]; Gross estimated Rental [£3 0s 0d]; Rateable value [£1 10s 0d]; Rate at [6s.] in the Pound [£0 1s 0d]; Arrears due, or if excused; Total Amount to be collected [£0 1s 0d]; Amount actually collected; Present Arrear; Amount not recoverable, or legally excused.