[Arthur Campbell, Victorian photographer.] Memorandum of Agreement in which he undertakes to teach Leonard Langsford 'how to prepare the photographic paper called "Gelatino-chloride glossy printing-out paper"'. With three associated signed documents.

Arthur Campbell of 6 Brooks Road, Gunnersbury, Victorian photographer [Leonard Langsford of the Lisle Press, 24 Whitcomb Street, London, printer; Campbell Studios?]
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Memorandum: 17 June 1910. Receipt by Campbell: on letterhead of The Acacias, Brooks Road, Gunnersbury, W. [London]. 8 July 1910. Letter by Langford: on letterhead of The Lisle Press Ltd., 24 Whitcomb Street, Pall Mall. 17 June 1910.
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The collection consists of four items. All four in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight creasing. ONE: Typed Memorandum. 3pp., foolscap 8vo. Signed over a stamp by Campbell, and witnessed by Florence Campbell of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Campbell agrees to teach Langsford 'how to prepare the photographic paper called "Gelatino-chloride glossy printing-out paper" by the same formula and process as he uses and put him in the way to start and carry on a business for himself'. Further to this end he describes five actions he will take, beginning with drawing up 'a plainly written copy of the formula along with instructions for the mixing and preparation [...] stating the ingredients used and the exact quantities required, also plain directions how to coat and finish off the paper, guaranteeing under a penalty of One Hundred Pounds that such formula and directions shall be in every respect precisely the same as used by him'. He will also give Langsford lessons at his home in Gunnersbury: 'How to mix the formula for preparing the P.O.P. then how to coat and finish off the paper, and how to pack it for sending to customers; how to cut up and send away small samples with circulars by post to photographer and others, and to be generally and fully instructed in everything necessary to enable him to commence and carry on a business for himself as a preparer of the photographic paper known as P.O.P.' TWO: Typed Receipt, signed by 'Leonard Langsford', 17 June 1910. 'Herewith agreement duly signed as promised, which I think meets the case. Kindly initial alterations. I enclose also cheque for £6. for plant.' Campbell acknowledges receipt by signing over a stamp at the foot of the page. THREE: Autograph Receipt, signed by Arthur Campbell, 8 July 1910. Acknowledging receipt of £25 from Langsford, 'as set forth in agreement dated June 17th 1910'. FOUR: Autograph Letter Signed to Langsford from ' Reilly'. 1p., 12mo. Without date or place. Acknowledging receipt of a 'cheque £3/-/- on account'. It is not clear whether Arthur Campbell of Gunnersbury was the son of Alfred S. Campbell (1840-1912), the noted English-born photographer and inventor based in New York, and proprietor of Campbell Studios there and in London.