[Ernest Bloch, composer.] Collection of papers on music criticism by Joseph Sussman, including typewritten drafts of an unpublished monograph titled 'Ernest Bloch, Music's Prophet', an autograph notebook titled 'Ernest Bloch. The Piano Music'..

Joseph Sussman, instructor in the pianoforte and music theory [Ernest Bloch (1880-1959), Swiss-born American Jewish composer
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England. Dating from at least between 1963 and 1975.
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The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, and can be grouped into three sections. ONE: Complete typewritten draft ([3] + 44pp., 4to) of Sussman's unpublished monograph on Bloch is contained in a large brown envelope, with the following note by Sussman on the front: '2ND COPY (without illustrations) of "Ernest Bloch - Music's Prophet" | JS'. It includes the contents, list of illustrations, introduction, and two-page 'Key and Bibliography'. In seven chapters, with titles including: '"Blochian" - The Hebraic idiom', 'The nationalist paradox' and 'Voice in the wilderness'. The monograph clearly went through a long process of revision, and also present are a number of typescript drafts of various sections, with extensive autograph emendations. These total 56pp., 4to, with some sections disordered. TWO: Autograph 'Surrey County Council' notebook, in Sussman's close handwriting, and with extensive emendations, is 93pp., 8vo, with a further 45pp., 8vo, loosely inserted. THREE: Approximately 70pp., 4to of miscellaneous autograph notes by Sussman, mainly on traditional Jewish music, together with four leaves torn from the 'Synagogue Review', November and June 1951. Sussman lived at 62 St Quintin Avenue, London, W10. There is no record of his having published any of his music criticism. In 1949 'The Gramophone' carried an advertisement in which he offered 'thorough tuition in Pianoforte playing and theoretical musical subjects'.