[ Accounts of a Victorian haberdasher and draper. ] Five manuscript account books ('Bought Ledger', 'Cash Book', 'Day Book', 'Invoice Book' and 'Ledger') of 'Master F. Sussman', Victorian haberdasher and draper (in Norfolk?).

'Master F. Sussman' [ Norfolk haberdasher and draper? ]
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Place not stated. In five volumes of 'Merchants' Accounts, adapted to Dr. Brewer's Book-Keeping by single entry', all dating from 1857.

The five volumes are folio and uniform in brown marbled card wraps, with white printed label on cover of 'Merchants' Accounts, adapted to Dr. Brewer's Book-Keeping by single entry', with one of the follovwing printed beneath: 'Bought Ledger', 'Cash Book', 'Day Book', 'Invoice Book' and 'Ledger'. Each of the volumes has 'Master F. Sussman' written neatly across the label. The 'Invoice Book' has seventeen invoices neatly folded and tipped in onto five pages.

[Ernest Bloch, composer.] Collection of papers on music criticism by Joseph Sussman, including typewritten drafts of an unpublished monograph titled 'Ernest Bloch, Music's Prophet', an autograph notebook titled 'Ernest Bloch. The Piano Music'..

Joseph Sussman, instructor in the pianoforte and music theory [Ernest Bloch (1880-1959), Swiss-born American Jewish composer
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England. Dating from at least between 1963 and 1975.

The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, and can be grouped into three sections. ONE: Complete typewritten draft ([3] + 44pp., 4to) of Sussman's unpublished monograph on Bloch is contained in a large brown envelope, with the following note by Sussman on the front: '2ND COPY (without illustrations) of "Ernest Bloch - Music's Prophet" | JS'. It includes the contents, list of illustrations, introduction, and two-page 'Key and Bibliography'.

[The Jewish national anthem 'Hatikvah', sung in London at Gardiner's Corner ('the gateway to the East End').]

[Joseph Sussman of London, instructor in the pianoforte and music theory; 'Hatikvah', the Israeli national anthem; the establishment of the State of Israel; the East End of London]
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Without place or date [1940s]. With manuscript map of the Aldgate East area of the East End of London.

Six items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. In addition to manuscript scores by Sussman of five parts (soprano, tenor, bass, alto and conductor) of 'Hatikvah' (the five parts totalling 6pp., 4to, with staves also drawn out in manuscript), there is a duplicated typescript of an English translation of 'Hatikvah', titled 'Men Awake!' ('Workers all!

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