[The Army of Peru in the nineteenth century.] Printed handbill with tables and text, headed 'Cuadro Que manifiesta la organizacion del Ejército permanente, los cuerpos que lo forman, el número de sus companias y la fuerza efectiva de cada uno.'

The Army of Peru [Ejército del Perú] [South American military history; nineteenth-century warfare]
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'Núm. 2.' [Peru. 1860s?]
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Attractively printed on one side of a piece of 37 x 41 cm wove paper, with decorative rules and borders. 'Núm. 2.' in top right-hand corner. Four tables, on 'Artilleria' (600 men and 280 horses), 'Infanteria' (1860 men), 'Caballeria' (comprising 'Rejimiento Húzares de Junin', 'Idem Lanceros de Torata' and 'Idem Escolta del Gobierno') and 'Resumon por clases de todas armas' (3000 men and 1040 horses). Five lines of text in small type at foot. The heading translates as: 'Table showing the organization of the standing army, the corps of which it is comprised, the number of their companies and the effective strength of each.'