[The first census of the British Empire.] Two documents printed for Earl Grey at the Colonial Office: Major Graham's 'Memorandum' of 'suggestions' on how to take a colonial census; and a letter from Grey instructing colonial governors to prepare one.

Major George Graham (1801-1888), Registrar General of England and Wales, 1842-1879; Earl Grey [Henry George Grey, 3rd Earl Grey (1802-1894)] [Sir Frederick Peel (1823-1906), Liberal MP]
Publication details: 
[HMSO, London.] The Major Graham document, dated from the General Register Office [Somerset House, London], 7 December 1848. The Grey circular dated from Downing Street, 20 January 1849.

Two printed documents: the first carrying Major Graham's 'Memorandum' of 'suggestions respecting the mode of taking a Census in each of our Colonial Posssessions', together with his observations on the making up of 'Statistical Abstracts', a specimen 'Form of Return' and a covering letter; the second a circular letter from Earl Grey, instructing colonial governors 'to cause a Return of the Population of the Colony under your Government to be prepared'. For the background to these two documents, see A. J.

[The Army of Peru in the nineteenth century.] Printed handbill with tables and text, headed 'Cuadro Que manifiesta la organizacion del Ejército permanente, los cuerpos que lo forman, el número de sus companias y la fuerza efectiva de cada uno.'

The Army of Peru [Ejército del Perú] [South American military history; nineteenth-century warfare]
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'Núm. 2.' [Peru. 1860s?]

Attractively printed on one side of a piece of 37 x 41 cm wove paper, with decorative rules and borders. 'Núm. 2.' in top right-hand corner. Four tables, on 'Artilleria' (600 men and 280 horses), 'Infanteria' (1860 men), 'Caballeria' (comprising 'Rejimiento Húzares de Junin', 'Idem Lanceros de Torata' and 'Idem Escolta del Gobierno') and 'Resumon por clases de todas armas' (3000 men and 1040 horses). Five lines of text in small type at foot.

[Abel Heywood & Son Ltd., Manchester booksellers.] Large printed order sheet for the supply of newspapers and periodicals to distributors.

Abel Heywood & Son Ltd., Manchester booksellers [newspaper distribution; twentieth-century book trade]
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[Abel Heywood & Son Ltd., Manchester.] 'WEEK - OCT. 31st to NOV. 5th, 1966'.

2pp., on a folio sheet (63 x 36cm). In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. Not filled in. Stamped '577' in red. One side listing the newspapers available from the Monday to the Friday of the week, and the other giving those on the Saturday, 'Odd Papers', 'BRANCHES' and 'TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SUPPLIES'. A range of periodicals is listed, including local and national newspapers, 'Continental Publications', comics ('Sparky', 'Wham' and 'Smash'), specialist ('Architect and Building News') and hobby ('Philatelic Mag.') magazines, 'Bolton Journal Series'

Two handbills relating to the Sudbury Municipal Election of 1877.

Sudbury Municipal Election, 1877 [Suffolk; East Anglia; English council elections; county councillors in Victorian England]
Publication details: 
1877. One of the two items 'Printed at the Free Press Office, Sudbury.'

Both items printed on one side of a piece of cheap wove paper. Both items aged and lightly creased, but with text clear and entire. Item One (23 x 12.5 cm): Headed 'Sudbury Election.

Printed consolidated statement, with manuscript additions, by the clerks of the City of London Coal Market, of the exact quantities of coal imported and delivered, headed 'No. 39. Coal Market, Wednesday, March 31, 1830'.

J. Butcher, B. Wood, J. Pearsall, Clerks of the City of London Coal Market [Charles Skipper, Printer & Stationer, St. Dunstan's Hill, London]
Publication details: 
[Dated in manuscript 'April 25 1830'.] 'Charles Skipper, Printer & Stationer, St. Dunstan's Hill.'

On one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 275 x 230 mm. Printed and manuscript text clear and entirely legible on worn, creased and grubby paper with one small strip of paper repairing reverse. Crest of City of London at head. Two sets of four columns, side by side. The four columns are: 'Ships at Market', 'QUALITY', 'Ships sold' and 'PRICE'. The whole of the 'QUALITY' column in the first set is headed 'NEWCASTLE', containing 45 entries from 'Adair's' to 'Walls End Walker'.

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