[ J. M. Synge's 'Playboy of the Western World'. ] Front-page article from 'The Gaelic American', carrying a report of 'New York's Protest against a Vile Play!', accompanied by a caricature of W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory.

[ John Devoy (1842-1928), proprietor and editor of 'The Gaelic American', New York [ J. M. Sygne [ John Millington Synge ]; George Bernard Shaw; W. B. Yeats; Lady Gregory; The Abbey Theatre, Dublin ]
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New York. 2 December 1911. [ 'Vol. VIII, No. 48, Whole No. 429'. ]
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The front and back covers of the newspaper are present, forming a bifolium. A frail and scarce survival. Heavily-aged newsprint, chipped and worn, with the top and bottom halves of the front page separated along a horizontal fold line. The article on Synge's play covers the first two of the six columns on the front page, with a further quarter-column on the back page. The headlines indicate the tone: 'NEW YORK'S PROTEST AGAINST A VILE PLAY | Hostile Demonstration Unparalleled In The History Of The City Greets "The Playboy" - Actors Hooted Off The Stage In First Act, The Police Reserves Called Out And More Than A Hundred Citizens Ejected - Supporters Were Largely English - Barefooted Women Act Like Prostitutes in Dublin Slums Capturing Drunken Soldiers And Sailors - Disgraceful And Disgusting Spectacle. To the right of the article at the centre of the front page is a caricature of W. B. Yeats ('Willie') and Lady Gregory, captioned 'The "Playboy" and his Protectors', and subtitled 'The Latest Emanation of "The Mind of Ireland."' Beneath the cartoon, taking up the remains of the third column and a small part of the fourth is a similarly-hysterical article on G. B. Shaw's play 'The Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet', under the headline: 'SHAW RELIEVES HIS MIND. | Angry at American Criticism of His Grotesque Play, He Hurls Gross Abuse at the American People, Accuses the Clan-na-Gael of Being the Ally of Dublin Castle and the Editor of "The Gaelic American"'.