[ Collier Dock, Isle of Dogs. ] Printed 'Report of the Directors to the Proprietors, at their second General Meeting 5th April, 1827.'

Collier Dock, Isle of Dogs [ George Byng, Chairman; W. Baker, Acting Secretary; G. Taylor, Printer, London printer ]
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W. Taylor, Acting Secretary, Limehouse, Middlesex, and 5, Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street, London. [ G. Taylor, Printer, Lamb's Conduit Passage. 1827. ]
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3pp., 8vo. Bifolium with three pages of text, with title on reverse of second leaf (printed crosswise for folding into packet). In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The first page is headed 'Collier Dock - Isle of Dogs', followed by a list in two columns of the twenty-four directors, and solicitor's details. The 'Meeting of the Proprietors' was held at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, 5 April 1827, and there was only one topic. A report having been presented to 'the Proprietors' by a select committee, 'comprising the result of the enquiry then instituted as to the objects and capablilities of the proposed Dock [...] the Directors ascertained, and were advised, that no farther or conclusive measure could be adopted by them until the full capital of £600,000, required by the Act, should be subscribed'. Four-fifths (£480,000) had already been subscribed, but on a request for a new subscription for the balance, 'The answers received to such letters contained, in very few instances only, and to a small amount in the whole, offers of an increased subscription; the majority returned no answer whatever; and many expressed a wish to be released from their engagement, in consequence of the remedial clause having been withdrawn, alleging that but for the expectation of that clause constituting a part of the Act, they would never have taken any interest in the concern.' The third page carries the meeting's resolutions, and is signed in type by Byng, as Chairman, and Baker, as Acting Secretary. At the foot of the page is an 'Abstract of the Cash Account'. Capper's 'Port and Trade of London' (1862) deals with the scheme as follows: A public “Collier Dock” in the Isle of Dogs was about the same time projected and strongly advocated by one of the then harbour-masters of the Port of London, Mr. Charles Rowland. A very strong direction was formed for the promotion of this dock. Mr. George Byng, the member for Middlesex, was chairman; Mr. Wm. Mellish, deputy-chairman; Mr. Astell, the East Indian director, Sir Edward Banks, Mr. Barnard, banker, Sir James Cockburn, Sir Edward Codrington, Sir John Scott Lillie, Sir John Lubbock, Mr. J. Lewis Minet, Mr. J. P. Muspratt, Sir J. D. Paul, Mr. Pitcher, Mr. Prescott, Mr. Tooke, Sir J. Rae Reid and Mr. A.W. Robarts, were among the directors and auditors. Supported by such influence it might have been assumed that this project could not fail of successs; but the company fell to the ground.' No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.