[ George MacBeth, Scottish poet, ] Mimeographed typescript of five poems ('The Castle | after Le Chastel d'Amours', 'The Last Will', 'Bats', 'The Heir', 'A Ritual'), signed 'George MacBeth'.

George MacBeth [ George Mann MacBeth ] (1932-1992), Scottish poet and novelist
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Without date or place. [ Mid-sixties? ]
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5pp., foolscap 8vo. Paginated [1]-5. On three leaves of wove paper, stapled together. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Good firm signature ('George MacBeth') in blue ink at head of first leaf. Each poem signed in type at end 'George MacBeth'. 'The Castle | after Le Chastel d'Amours' (p.1): seven three-line stanzas, first stanza: 'Tell me the broad moat of | Love's castle: | Sloth.' 'The Last Will' (pp.1-2): twenty-two three line stanzas and a single final line, first line: 'In the name of God, amen. I, Harold, | [...]'. 'Bats' (p.3): nine three-line stanzas, beginning (first stanza incorporating title): 'BATS | have no accidents. They loop | their incredible horse-shoe | loops, dead-stop | […]'. , 'The Heir' (pp.3-4): five six-line stanzas, first line: 'I took him in. One winter night | […]'. 'A Ritual' (pp.4-5): fifteen five-line stanzas, first line: 'I walk there with a book: along a street | […]'. The University of Edinburgh has in its collection similar material: three 'Signed copies of poems of George Mann MacBeth', described as '3 x mimeographed typescript copies of poems, being: | 'The Wasp-Woman', after Ponge - signed George MacBeth | 'Noah's Journey' [1966] - signed George MacBeth | 'The Castle', after le Chastel d'Amours - signed George MacBeth'.