[ David Macbeth Moir, the 'Delta' of Blackwood's Magazine. ] Autograph Letter in the third person to 'Mr Marshall', i.e. the London publisher William Marshall, praising the keepsake 'The Pledge of Friendship', to which he is a contributor.

D. M. Moir [ David Macbeth Moir ] (1798-1851) of Musselburgh, Scottish physician and writer, the 'Delta' of Blackwood's Magazine [ William Marshall, London publisher ]
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Musselburgh [ Scotland ]. 15 December 1827.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with traces of stub adhering to blank reverse. The letter begins: 'Mr Moir presents compts to Mr Marshall and returns best thanks for the two copies of the Pledge of Friendship, one of which he delivered as directed to H. M. who requests me in his name to return his acknowledgements. | Mr M.

[ George MacBeth, Scottish poet, ] Mimeographed typescript of five poems ('The Castle | after Le Chastel d'Amours', 'The Last Will', 'Bats', 'The Heir', 'A Ritual'), signed 'George MacBeth'.

George MacBeth [ George Mann MacBeth ] (1932-1992), Scottish poet and novelist
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Without date or place. [ Mid-sixties? ]

5pp., foolscap 8vo. Paginated [1]-5. On three leaves of wove paper, stapled together. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Good firm signature ('George MacBeth') in blue ink at head of first leaf. Each poem signed in type at end 'George MacBeth'. 'The Castle | after Le Chastel d'Amours' (p.1): seven three-line stanzas, first stanza: 'Tell me the broad moat of | Love's castle: | Sloth.' 'The Last Will' (pp.1-2): twenty-two three line stanzas and a single final line, first line: 'In the name of God, amen. I, Harold, | [...]'.

Twenty-four original outline lithographic illustrations to Shakespeare: a series of twelve anonymous ones to 'The Tempest', published in London in 1825 by Charles Knight; and a series of twelve by Moritz Retzsch to 'Macbeth'.

Charles Knight, London publisher; Friedrich August Moritz Retzsch (1779-1857), German painter, artist and draughtsman; William Shakespeare
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The 'Tempest' illustrations 'Published by C. Knight, Pall Mall East, April 1825'. Retzsch's 'Macbeth' illustrations undated [1833 or 1847.

All twenty-four illustrations have been laid down on leaves removed from an album of prints. Both series are numbered to twelve, and each is complete. The plates in the Retzsch series appear to have had their margins cropped. All images clear and complete, on lightly-aged paper, with occasional light spotting and discoloration. Laid down at the head of the first illustration in the first series, and slightly (0.5 cm) encroaching onto it, is a printed label reading 'Illustrations to Shakespeare's | TEMPEST | in 12 plates'.

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