[ Alfred Mond, Lord Melchett, industrialist, politician and Zionist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A Melchet [sic]') to 'My dear Anthony', regarding the Ancient Greek concept of the 'daimon'.

Alfred Moritz Mond, 1st Baron Melchett [ Lord Melchett ] (1868-1930), industrialist, financier, politician and Zionist
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Melchet Court, near Romsey. 21 February 1928.

6pp., 12mo, on six leaves. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by thanking him for his 'most charming letter; and an inspiration to a young man', before commenting: 'Nothing pleases me more than your letters, which occur like intellectual milestones, epitomizing, where we have lately come from and where we are going.' The rest of the letter discusses the recipients use of the Greek word '[daimon]', of which Mond approves. He begins: 'Modern languages hardly have a translation of it.

Twenty-four original outline lithographic illustrations to Shakespeare: a series of twelve anonymous ones to 'The Tempest', published in London in 1825 by Charles Knight; and a series of twelve by Moritz Retzsch to 'Macbeth'.

Charles Knight, London publisher; Friedrich August Moritz Retzsch (1779-1857), German painter, artist and draughtsman; William Shakespeare
Publication details: 
The 'Tempest' illustrations 'Published by C. Knight, Pall Mall East, April 1825'. Retzsch's 'Macbeth' illustrations undated [1833 or 1847.

All twenty-four illustrations have been laid down on leaves removed from an album of prints. Both series are numbered to twelve, and each is complete. The plates in the Retzsch series appear to have had their margins cropped. All images clear and complete, on lightly-aged paper, with occasional light spotting and discoloration. Laid down at the head of the first illustration in the first series, and slightly (0.5 cm) encroaching onto it, is a printed label reading 'Illustrations to Shakespeare's | TEMPEST | in 12 plates'.

[Count von Brühl and Duke of Marlborough.] Autograph Letter Signed from Marlborough and Autograph Notes by von Brühl, about the 'Difference of Level between a Blenheim Barometer in the Duke of Marlborough's dressing Room, & the Harefield Barometer'.

Hans Moritz von Brühl (1736-1809) [John Maurice, Count of Brühl], German diplomat and astronomer; George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough (1739-1817), FRS, English nobleman and amateur astronomer
Publication details: 
Marlborough's letter from Blenheim [Woodstock, Oxfordshire], 9 November 1796. [von Brühl's notes from Harefield, circa 1796?]

A Fellow of the Royal Society, Marlborough's main scientific interest was astronomy, a subject on which he corresponded with von Brühl. The four items in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. They are accompanied by a typewritten (1960s?) report (3pp., folio), whose purpose is to disprove any connection between them and 'the name of Henry Cavendish and his work on the barometer'.

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