[ Nathaniel Pigot [ Nathaniel Pigott ], Roman Catholic lawyer. ] Opinion of 'Nath: Pigot', signed and in his autograph, regarding 'The Case of Mr. Thomas Hunsdon' over a Holborn property, with reference to Thomas Green and the Duke of Montagu.

Nathaniel Pigot [ Nathanie Pigott ] (bap. 1661, d.1737), Roman Catholic lawyer. friend of the poet Alexander Pope [ Thomas Hunsdon ]
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'Middle Temple 9: Novr. 1731'.
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For information on Nathaniel Pigott (so spelt), see his entry in the Oxford DNB. Pigott was a friend and adviser of Alexander Pope, who composed the inscription on his memorial tablet. 3pp., folio. Bifolium, on watermarked laid paper, folded into the customary packet, with 'Mr. Hunsdon's Case' written lengthwise on the blank reverse of the second leaf. Sixty-lines of neatly and closely written text. The first page is headed 'The Case of Mr. Thomas Hunsdon', and the first part of the document sets this out, in sections dated 23 June 1716, 14 February 1717, 31 October 1719, July 1723, and 1727. With reference to the will of Thomas Green, Hunsdon's father John and his wife Elizabeth, and the Duke of Montagu, the case concerns 'All that Messuage or Tenement then in ye poss[ess]ion of John Lennard his assigns or

situate standing & being in Old Southton Buildings in the Parish of St. Andrew Holbourne in the County of Middx Abutting'. Following the setting out of the case, two questions are put to Pigott and he gives his succinct opinion on both, the document ending with his dated signature: 'Nath: Pigot | Middle Temple 9: Novr. 1731'. The two questions are, first: 'Q . . . . . . Whether the said Thos. Hunsdon has not a good Title to the said premisses for the Remr. of the said Term Granted by the said Duke as aforesaid And whether he can't assigne or mortgage the same as he thinks fitt or whether the words Assigne not being in the said Deed of appoinmt. anyways alters the Case'; second, '2dly: . . . . . In Case he mortgages the said premisses Granted by the said Lease – wch. are in Middx and the Assignt. or mortgage Deed being Registered Whether there is any Occasion to register the P. Will of Thomas Green Lease from the Duke of Montagu, Deed of appointmt. Or the Said Judt. of the 10th. April therein recited or any and which of them'.