[ Basic English and its distinguished supporters. ] Autograph Signatures to printed declaration, by Sir Richard Arman Gregory, astronomer; Edwin Diller Starbuck, Manley O. Hudson; Ichikawa Sanki; Rintaro Fukuhara.

Sir Richard Arman Gregory (1864-1952), astronomer; Edwin Diller Starbuck (1866-1947); Manley Ottmer Hudson (1886-1960), Ichikawa Sanki (1886-1970) and Rintaro Fukuhara (1894-1981) [ Basic English ]
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The signatories are the British astronomer Sir Richard Arman Gregory (1864-1952), the American author Edwin Diller Starbuck (1866-1947), the American lawyer (twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) Manley O. Hudson [ Manley Ottmer Hudson ] (1886-1960), and the two Japanese professors of English Ichikawa Sanki (1886-1970) of the Imperial University of Tokyo (friend of Lafcadio Hearn) and Rintaro Fukuhara (1894-1981) of Bunrika University (colleague of William Empson). The signatures are on four leaves of 8vo paper, In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with some fold lines. Each leaf carries the following printed declaration, beneath which are the signatures: 'BASIC ENGLISH | The undersigned are convinced of the urgent need for an international auxiliary language, but are unable to accept, as satisfactory for the purpose, any artificially constructed system. They feel some form of simplified English, such as Basic offers, will best meet the demand. They would therefore welcome any provision for its practical application, especially for Commercial and Radio requirements, and the establishment of closer relations with the peoples of Africa and the East.' The two Japanese signatories sign one above the other on the same leaf. The two hands are markedly similar, but certainly discrete: 'Sanki Ichikawa, F.R.S.L., Professor of English, Imperial University of Tokyo' and 'Rintero Fukuhara, Assistant Professor | Tokyo University of Literature & Science'. Gregory signs 'R. A. Gregory'; the other signatures are 'Edwin Diller Starbuck' and 'Manley O. Hudson'. Beneath Hudson's signature, in another hand in pencil: 'Prof. International Law, Harvard Law School | Judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice at the Hague | 1936-1946'.