[Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb, Persian physician and visitor to Regency England.] Autograph Letter in third person, and set of translations, both in English and addressed to Lady Cullum. With calling card carrying his autograph signature in Persian script.

Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb, Persian physician and visitor to Regency England [Cullum baronets of Hardwick Hall]
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Letter: 'Weddnesday [sic] Morg.' [2 June 1819]; from 8 Upper John Street, Golden Square. Translations without date or place.
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Tabeeb was a fêted 'exotic' visitor to England at the end of the Regency period. In March 1819 the Asiatic Journal reported his presence in London, and on 6 June (four days after the present letter) he breakfasted with the Irish poet Thomas Moore, who reported in his diary that he was 'to take a Diploma of Doctor at Oxford this month'. In April 1820 a fine engraving of Tabeeb, after a painting by John James Hall, was published. In September 1820 the London magazine La Belle Assemblee printed a letter describing the English in complimentary terms, written by 'Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb, Persian physician, who had been sent by his Royal Highness the Prince Abbas Mirza Bey, Prince of Persia, to this country, to study the practice of physic, and who has now returned to his own country'. Three items, from an album compiled by Lady Ann Cullum (1807-1875), wife of Sir Thomas Gery Cullum (1777-1855) of Hardwick House. In the letter and calling card Tabeeb's name has a macron over the 'a' of 'Jiafer', LETTER: 1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with wear at one corner, and water staining at head, with traces of mount adhering to reverse. The letter reads: 'Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb presents his respectful Compliments to Lady Cullum, and is very sorry to say that he is obliged to attend Mr. Brande's lecture [the celebrated chemist William Thomas Brande (1788-1866)] at Royal Institution tomorrow morning at Nine Oclock therefore he begs to put off his breakfasting for some other morning.' TRANSLATIONS: 1p, landscape 8vo. In fair condition, aged, with water staining to one corner. Folded three times. Addressed on reverse 'To | Lady Cullum.' The only other writing on that side, preceded by a small heart, is 'Seeing Friends gives Brillany [sic] to the Eye'. The first of the quotations is preceded by an asterisk, and the second by a cross, suggesting that the Persian original may have originally accompanied them. The first reads: 'I saw my moon-like love in the garden: she was gathering roses. The thorn of the rose wounder her hands, but she only laughed. I asked her the cause of her laughter: she replied, “the rose cannot bear to see any thing superior to itself.' The second reads: 'O Beloved of my heart, I cannot say whether you are the sea or the moon. Is it your face, or a rose, which I see: is it light which dazzles me, or is it your neck.' CALLING CARD. 3.75 x 7.5 cm. Laid down on the last item, beneath the second quotation. In fair condition, with vertical fold line. The name 'Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb' engraved in copperplate and centred on the card. Beneath this, at bottom left, Tabeeb has written his signature in Persian script, and at bottom-right he writes the address '30 Golden Sqr.'