[Jules Massenet, French composer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('M. Massenet') [to husband of Swedish soprano Sigrid Arnoldson-Fischhof?], written on a trip with his wife, regarding a portrait of 'votre “merveille” de femme', and 'notre grand ami Hengel'

Jules Massenet [Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet] (1842-1912), French composer [Sigrid Arnoldson-Fischhof (1861-1943), Swedish soprano]
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8 February [no year]. No place.
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3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. On aged paper, with punch hole through both leaves at head, small closed cut along bottom edge of first leaf, and with paper and part of another letter (from an album) glued onto the reverse of the second leaf. Folded once. The signature 'M. Massenet' is explained in Massenet's obituary in the Musical Times, 1 September 1912, which speaks of 'the composer's known antipathy to the name Jules […] He preferred to be called “M. Massenet” simply'. The recipient of this enthusiastic letter is not named. The letter appears to have been written to a man who has sent a portrait of his wife (the Swedish soprano Sigrid Arnoldson-Fischhof) to Massenet. It begins: 'Cher ami, | Le portrait est admirable et si ressemblant! | L'attention est exquise!' He continues with a reference to 'votre “merveille” de femme', and then writes: 'Nous sommes en voyage, Mlle. Massenet & moi, et je vais écrire à notre grand ami Hengel.' He ends with a message for 'Mme Arnoldson'.