[Charles Nodier, French Romantic supernatural author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Charles Nodier'), in French, explaining to an unnamed count that his friend and protégé 'M. Leharivel' is not eligible for membership of the Academie Française.

Charles Nodier [Jean Charles Emmanuel Nodier] (1780-1844), French Romantic author of fantastic and supernatural tales, Librarian of Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, Member of the Académie Française
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1p, 12mo. Seventeen lines of closely written text. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, laid down on a leaf from an album. The recipient is not named, but is addressed as 'Monsieur le Comte'. The letter concerns the count's 'ami et protégé' 'M. Leharivel' [author of 'Grammaire Francaise Pasigraphique, Simplifiee Et Regularisee, Pour Servir de Base Fondamentale; Et Anecdotes, Et Contes Historiques (1839) ]. Nodier is pleased that his 'Suffrage' has been useful to Leharivel, but he has to explain that Leharivel is mistaken on the question of the place at the Academy Francaise which has fallen vacant on the death of 'M. Michand' (i.e. the historian Joseph Michaud, who had died 30 September 1839). This 'classe de l'Institut' has no corresponding members, and as Leharivel is based in Belgium, he is not eligible. Nodier would have conveyed this information to the count in person, but he is burdened with work. This letter was in a notebook containing letters addressed to this Le Harivel.