[City of London Piscatorial Society.] Autograph Letter Signed from the Honorary Secretary of the CLPS, Walter Westley, with printed booklet of ‘C.L.P.S. / Programme 1935-36’ and application form.

[Fishing.] City of London Piscatorial Society (CLPS), founded in 1902 and one of the oldest angling clubs in England; Walter Westley, Honorary Secretary
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Westley’s letter dated 17 June 1935; on his letterhead, ‘City of London Piscatorial Society. / Headquarters: “Crown & Cushion,” 73, London Wall, E.C.2.’ Printed programme for 1935-36; application form (same address as letterhead) from 1930s.
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A nice slice of London ephemera. The three items are in good condition, lightly aged. They were clearly all sent together. ONE: ALS from Westley (‘W. Westley | Hon. Sec.’) to unnamed recipient. 2pp, 12mo. In answer to an application he is sending ‘one New Programme showing Waters &c’, pointing out that not all are ‘Trout Waters’, and that ‘about 30% of the Members only take part in competitions’. He explains that they have had good (he mistakenly writes ‘few’) membership over the previous two years, ‘but at the present time there are a few members’. TWO: Printed ‘C.L.P.S. / Programme 1935-36’. 10pp, 16mo. Attractive little item in grey cloth covers, with title printed in black on front. In good condition apart from rusty staples. Lists committee and officers, fishing waters, outings and meetings for season 1935-36 (including sea outings), regulations governing fresh water competitions, prizes for 1935-6, perpetual challenge cups, fish, general notices. THREE: Printed ‘Application for Membership’. Not filled in. 1p, 12mo. Includes questions such as ‘Has your application for membership of an Angling Club or Society ever been declined?’