[Edward Garrard Marsh, poet and clergyman.] Autograph Letter Signed regarding communications to the Maidstone Clerical Society.

Edward Garrard Marsh (1783-1862), English poet and Anglican clergyman, son of the composer John Marsh, and associate of William Blake and William Hayley [Maidstone Clerical Society]
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9 February 1853; Aylesford.
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See his father’s entry in the Oxford DNB. 2p, 12mo. Neatly written over 26 lines. With mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice for postage. Signed ‘E. G. Marsh’. Recipient not named (‘My dear Sir’). He explains that, having happened on the previous day to be in the chair ‘at the monthly meeting of our clerical society in Maidstone’, he was present when the recipient’s ‘two letters to Dr. Maitland’ were presented, and is requested to convey the meeting’s gratitude, not only for the letters, but for his history of Rome, ‘received by them on a former occasion’. Having brought the letters home, Marsh expects to be ‘fully satisfied by your proofs of the position concerning the Cyprianic letters’. He hopes the recipient will renew his ‘suspended (I will not say forgotten) habit of attending the meetings of the society’.