[Birket Foster, artist, and Edmund Evans, engraver.] Proofs of three engravings by Evans from drawings by Birket Foster, which appeared in Maria Webb, ‘The Fells of Swarthmoor Hall’.

Birket Foster [Myles Birket Foster] (1825-1899), Northumberland painter and illustrator; Edmund Evans (1826-1905), engraver
Birket Foster
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From book published in 1865 in London by Alfred W. Bennet, 5 Bishopsgate Without.
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See the two men's entries in the Oxford DNB. Webb’s book contained four engravings from drawings by Birket Foster, the last (‘The Tomb of Thomas Lawson’) of which is absent. The first has ‘E. EVANS Sc.’ engraved into the plate; the other two, evidently the work of the same hand, are unattributed. Three proof engravings, on wove paper roughly 20.5 x 13.5. All in good condition, very lightly spotted and worn, and certainly suitable for display. ONE (the frontispiece): Captioned, ‘SWARTHMOOR HALL. / From a Drawing by Birket Foster.’ TWO: ‘SWARTHMOOR MEETING-HOUSE, / From a Drawing by Birket Foster.’ THREE: ‘MARSH GRANGE. / The ancient residence of the Askew Family in Furness, and the Birth-place of Margaret Fell. See partial Image.