[Newcastle and Berwick Railway, 1846.] Manuscript 'Minutes on projected Railways in the Manor of Tynemouth' by 'Thorp & Dickson', Alnwick attorneys, 'Read to Mr. Hudson' (i.e. George Hudson, 'the Railway King').

Newcastle and Berwick Railway, 1846: Thorp and Dickson, Alnwick attorneys [George Hudson (1800-1871), 'he Railway King'; Duke of Northumberland; Manor of Tynemouth]
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?Alnwick October 23 - 1846?. ?Thorp & Dickson?.
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See Hudsons's entry in the Oxford DNB. 3pp, foolscap 8vo, on three leaves, with fourth covering leaf ('23rd Oct. 1846. / Copy / Railway Minutes / Thorp & Dickson / &c &c'). Attached at one corner with red ribbon. Headed: 'Alnwick October 23 - 1846 / Minutes on projected Railways / in the Manor of Tynemouth - / Read to Mr. Hudson, of which he requested a copy.' There are five minutes, the last covering two pages. The first three read: '1. The Newcastle and Berwick line passes by Killingworth and Cramlington from which to the village it is stipulated that a Branch shall be made to Blyth - / 2. The act for the formation of a dock at Coble Dean [sic] was passed last session, but no works have been yet commenced - / 3. The Duke of Northumberland gave a hearty concurrence to these projects, Mr Hudson being at the head of both and with that distinct understanding satisfactory arrangements were made protective of his Graces Interests. - / 4. His Grace has now learnt with surprise that one or more projects are contemplated for communicating with the Coble Dean independently of Mr Hudson's lines and avoiding His Grace's property by passing over the copyhold lands in the Manor this would prove injurious to the main lines; to the Duke and his wayleave tenants; and be certain to create opposition and litigation. -' The two-page fifth minute (61 lines of text) calls on 'Mr Hudson to signifiy to the parties promoting this partial and imperfect project, that neither as Chairman of the Newcastle and Berwick Railways, the Newcastle and South Shields Railway nor the Coble Dean Companies, could he be any party to the proposed line or lines of Railway'.