[J. G. Cochrane [John George Cochrane], Scottish editor and first librarian of the London Library.] Autograph Note Signed to the Earl of Clarendon, with list of books not returned to the Library by the Earl's brother-in-law Thomas Henry Lister.

J. G. Cochrane [John George Cochrane] (1781-1852), Scottish editor, bibliographer, first librarian of the London Library [George William Frederick Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon; Thomas Henry Lister]
J. G. Cochrane
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‘London Library / June 21st.' [1842]
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See his entry, and those of Clarendon and Lister, in the Oxford DNB. From the papers of the Earl’s sister Lady Theresa Lewis (1803-1865), who was married to Lister. (See their entries in the Oxford DNB.) 1p, 12mo. Cochrane’s note is on the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium, with the list of books on the recto of the second. In good condition, lightly aged. Addressed to ‘Rt Hon The Earl of Clarendon’. Adopting a diplomatic approach, Cochrane writes: ‘My Lord, / Annexed is a list of the books had from the Library by Mr Lister, which have not been returned. / I have the honor to be, My Lord, / Your Lordship’s faithful & obliged Servant / J. G. Cochrane’. Seven books are listed, with formats, two withdrawn on 11 April and five on 11 May. The two from 11 April are scored through in pencil, with the note ‘returned by L[ad]y Thomas Lister [i.e. Lady Theresa] some time ago’. Receipt of the other five volumes is given in the form of a signature dated 27 June 1842. See Image of list of books.