Harry de Windt [Captain Harry Willes Darell de Windt], explorer and travel writer.] Autograph Note Signed: a quotation with signature provided for an autograph hunter.

Harry de Windt [Captain Harry Willes Darell de Windt (1856-1933)], explorer and travel writer, aide-de-camp to his brother-in-law Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak
de windt
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See the entry for Sir Charles Brooke in the Oxford DNB. On one side of an 18 x 9 cm piece of paper, the upper part torn from a larger sheet, with neatly-torn bottom edge resulting in a little loss to the flourish beneath the signature and the tip of the downstroke of the ‘y’ in ‘Harry’. In fair condition, lightly aged, with a central vertical fold. The text, in a bold hand, reads: ‘ “Though obstacles beset you - struggle still!” / Even a worm may climb this highest hill! / Yrs Sly / Harry de Windt’ See Image.