[Sir Thomas Beecham and his second wife Betty [née Margaret Humby]. Autograph Signature ‘Thomas Beecham’ and ‘Betty Beecham’, on printed menu of Festival Luncheon for the Scottish Music Merchants’ Association.

Sir Thomas Beecham (1879-1961), conductor, and his second wife Betty [née Margaret Humby] (1908-1958) [Scottish Music Merchants’ Association Festival Luncheon, 1950]
Sir Thomas Beecham
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30 August 1950. Royal British Hotel, Edinburgh.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. Menu printed in blue on one side of 4to leaf, folded into 16 x 15 cm bifolium-style card. Front cover with patches of discoloration, and back cover bearing evidence of previous mounting (layer of dried out glue), otherwise in good condition. Front cover reads: ‘Scottish Music Merchants’ Association / Festival Luncheon / Royal British Hotel, Edinburgh / Wednesday, 30th August 1950 / Chairman: / R. W. Cresswell’. In space between ‘1950’ and ‘Chaiman:’ is large clear signature ‘Betty Beecham.’ At foot of page is large signature ‘Thomas Beecham’. Second in the ‘Toast List’ is ‘CITY OF EDINBURGH’ by ‘Sir THOMAS BEECHAM, Bt.’ Somewhat sparse menu of six items and coffee, evidencing either post-war austerity or Scottish parsimony, featuring those delicacies ‘Petits Pois au Beurre’ and ‘Pommes Nouvelles Rissolées’. See Image.