Autograph Letter Signed ('Ad. Tanquerey'), in French, to an unnamed cleric.

Adolphe Tanquerey (1854-1932), French theologian, Member of the Society of St Sulpice, and Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St Mary's Seminary, Baltimore
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25 July 1911; Blainville, Nauche.
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12mo: 2 pp. Very good on lightly aged paper. 29 lines of text. He will not fail to make use of his correspondent's comments in a new edition. Discusses the section he is working on at present and proposes to send his correspondent an off print. He has ordered other off prints to be sent, in return for his correspondent's useful remarks. For a couple of months he will be at Blainville, 'sur le bord de la mer, ou je puis mieux travailler qu'a Paris, tout en prenant un peu de repos'. Docketed at foot of reverse, 'Theologian, Sulpicien'.