Manuscript accounts, SPCK with Rivingtons.

[House of Rivington, publishers and booksellers]
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12pp., 4to, April 1829-March 1830, giving a total (for example, April [1829] £4700.8.7- indicating the value to the bookseller of SPCK business), and giving details of discounts. WITH: "Miscellaneous Acc[oun]ts 1829-1830", 2pp., 4to; four cheques mostly for large sums, made out to "Selves", drawn on SPCK bankers, Gosling & Sharpe, signed by John Rivington (x 3) and [G. & F.?] Rivington; and a MS. letter, explaining the mechanism of Rivington drawing money from the SPCK account for themselves, from the SPCK Treasurer, who instructs the Bank to honour one of the above cheques (£1000, 21 Oct. 1831).Note: According to S. Rivington's The Publishing House of Rivington, they had been the publisher to the SPCK since about 1760 (p.55). Their business was transferred to George and Francis Rivington in 1827 by their father, John (p.109). "In 1835 the S.P.C.K. removed their agency from the firm, no doubt owing to the tendency of the firm's publications towards views which were considered dangerous" (p.135).