Two invoices, a receipt, and cheque countersigned by Parker.

John W. Parker, publisher and bookseller.
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London, 1833-1834.
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"John W. Parker, Publisher to The Committee of General Literature and Education appointed by the [SPCK]", invoices and receipt, Dec 1833 & 1834, April 1833 and 22 April 1834 respectively, total £8.17, for advertising "Publications of Society in Saturday Mag Pt 2 / Bible in Times, Courier, Herald, Albion, Standard, Times [sic] & Saturday Mag / 52 Exercises Geography for East India Mission". With a further invoice (1833, paid in 1835); and a cheque drawn by the Society on Gosling and Sharpe for £397.12.0 signed on the reverses by Parker.