[Printed handbill libretto.] The House that Jack built. A Nursery Cantata. With Solos, Choruses, and Incidental Music, Composed expressly for the Royal Aquarium, by Mr. George Fox. The Juvenile Troupe, Under the Direction of Mr. J. E. Nolan.

George Fox [The Juvenile Troupe; J. E. Nolan; The Royal Aquarium and Winter Garden, London; Hutchins & Romer, Conduit Street]
The House that Jack built. A Nursery Cantata
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[Circa 1880.] 'The Music Published by Messrs Hutchins & Romer, Conduit Street, Regent Street'.
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Small 4to, 4 pp. Bifolium. Text clear and complete. Fair, on browned high-acidity paper. Neat strip of stub from mounting in album still adhering to inner margin of verso of second leaf. Headed 'Words.' All but first chorus in double-column. A mixture of the original 'House that Jack built' with 'Jack and Jill'. Begins with 'Chorus. - "This is the house that Jack built."', the first lines of which are 'Our labours are done, our recompense won, | And anger has been on no back spilt, | So now with one voice we'll laugh and rejoice | As this is the house that Jack built.' Characters are: Mr. Jack, Workmen, Architect, The Man all Tattered and Torn, Monks, Priest and Arietta. Songs include 'Fair is my love', 'How now, what's the reason', 'This is the Rat', 'The Milkmaid all forlorn' and They call me the man all tattered and torn'. Scarce: no copy on COPAC, which does list two copies (British Library and Oxford) of a 52-page vocal score for 'The House That Jack Built. A Dramatic Cantata For Children's Voices, with full orchestral and separate pianoforte accompaniment. Composed by George Fox.', also published by Hutchins and Romer.