[ Sherard Osborn, Royal Navy admiral and arctic explorer. ] Part of Autograph Letter Signed ('S Osborn') to 'Dr. Allchin' [ Sir William Henry Allchin ] , regarding a 'consideration' to a woman.

Sherard Osborn (1822-1875), Royal Navy admiral and Arctic explorer who searched for Franklin [ Sir William Henry Allchin (1846-1912), physician ]
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33 Charles Square [ London ]. 1 March [ no year ].

Written on both sides of the top two-thirds of a 12mo leaf with mourning border, the bottom third having been torn away. In good condition, lightly aged. The recto reads, beneath the address, 'My dear Dr. Allchin | I should be glad if you would come here on Wednesday evening as <...> 1/2 past 4 at [...]'. The reverse reads: '[...] after hearing her own story you can say whether a consideration on Saturday would be advisable | Yours truly | S Osborn | I am progressing steadily [...]'.

[William Hutton, Birmingham bookseller and local historian.] Leaf of 'unpublished poems, composed by, and in the Autograph of, William Hutton', with note by 'WB'; and fragment of his daughter Catherine Hutton's handwriting, 'when 87 years of age'.

William Hutton (1723-1815), Birmingham bookseller and local historian; his daughter Catherine Hutton
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Neither item dated. The explanatory note by 'WB' dated 1843.

Both items are laid down on a 12mo leaf extracted from an album. All in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Laid down on the reverse of the leaf is an early eighteenth-century engraving of a man (William Hutton?) holding a book. The explanatory note, on one side of the leaf from the album, reads: 'This Leaf, given to me by Mr. Samuel Hutton, High Street, is taken from a Volume of unpublished poems, composed by, and in the Autograph of, William Hutton. | That below which I received from Mr.

[Catherine Hutton, novelist.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to Birmingham bookseller James Belcher, discussing in moving terms her nursing of her elderly parents, her plans for a future book ('my incipient Queens') and 'Dr. Hutton's bust'.

Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), English novelist and letter-writer, daughter of the Birmingham bookseller and local historian William Hutton (1723-1815) [James Belcher, junior, Birmingham bookseller]
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ONE: No place; 4 December 1821. TWO: Bennett's Hill; 21 January 1827. THREE: 'Saturday Morn.'

All three items in good condition, on lightly aged paper. ONE: 4 December 1821. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. The letter, which concerns her plans for a book, begins: 'My dear Sir | In consequence of your opinion, I send a prospectus for Mr. Dawes [the critic Manassah Dawes (d.1829)?], which you will have the goodness to forward at a proper opportunity. But for this opinion, I should not have had the courage to apply to him, though the refusal of two persons ought not to prevent the application to a third. Nothing in my opinion could have been more certain than the subscriptions of Mr.

Autograph Signature.

Jonathan Belcher [Nova Scotia]
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First Chief Justice of Nova Scotia (1710-76). Flyleaf detached from octavo volume and neatly mounted on piece of white card, itself mounted on larger piece of grey card. While the mounts are in good condition the leaf itself is poor, discoloured and stained. Reads in top left-hand corner 'Jonathn Belcher | August. 1754.' Also present are signatures of 'Hawkins | London' and 'Jn L. Lee | 1870'.

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