[Ralph Bernal, Whig politician, slave owner and art collector.] Autograph Signature to frank addressed to William Smith, with postmark.

Ralph Bernal (1783-1854), Whig politician of Sephardic Jewish extraction, archaeologist, slave owner and art collector
Publication details: 
‘London January twenty nine 1831’.

See his entries in the Oxford DNB and History of Parliament. Frank cover, laid out in the customary fashion, on 12.5 x 7 cm panel cut from front of envelope. In fair condition, on lightly aged paper. Usual red frank postmark: ‘FREE / 29JA29 / 1831’. Reads: ‘London January twenty nine 1831 / Willm. Smith Esqr. / at Smith Wright’s Esqr / Kempston / Loughboro Notts / per / R Bernal’. See Image. On reverse, in contemporary hand: ‘R. Bernal. MP for Rochester / Chairman of the Committee / of the House of Commons / on the Reform Bill.’

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