[[ Professor A. Marshall Elliott of Johns Hopkins University; George Francis Scott-Elliot, botanist; and David Douglas, Edinburgh publisher] Correspondence relating to Scott-Elliot's 'The Border Elliots'.

Aaron Marshall Elliott (1844-1910) of Johns Hopkins University, language scholar, helped found Modern Language Association; David Douglas (1823-1916), Edinburgh publisher; George Francis Scott Elliot
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Douglas's letter: On letterhead of 9 Castle Street, Edinburgh; 2 October 1900. Villa Reale, Bad Ems; 6 September 1900. Marshall Elliott's letter headed British Museum Library, 11 July, 1900.

Four items, aged and somewhat creased. Scott-Elliot's book was privately printed by Douglas in 1897. Aaron Marshall Elliott was founder of the Modern Language Association and founding professor of Romance Languages at Johns Hopkins University. ONE: ALS from Aaron Marshall Hall to David Douglas, 2pp., 8vo, asking him if he could supply a copy of G.F.S. Elliott's "The Border Elliotts", giving publishing history and mentioning his work on American Elliotts which he hopes to publish.

[Pamphlet.] Avoid Narrow Specialisation: A Lecture. 27th September, 1911. (Reprinted from "The Border Standard.")

Thomas Oliver, D.Sc., Edin.; B.Sc., Lond. [The Border Standard, Galashiels, Scotland]
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[The Border Standard, Galashiels, Scotland. 1911.]

15pp., 16mo. Stapled. With stamp, shelfmark and label of the Board of Education Reference Library, otherwise in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Scarce: no copy at the British Library, or on COPAC.

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