Unsigned Typed Letter, with manuscript corrections, [from the ethnologist Brenda Zara Seligman] to J. H. Driberg, concerning his 'Didinga notes', and with references to 'Sligs' [her husband C. G. Seligman] and 'Edward' [E. E. Evans-Pritchard].

Brenda Zara Seligman (1883–1965) ethnologist and wife of Charles Gabriel Seligman (1873-1940)] [Jack Herbert Driberg (1888-1946); Sir Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard (1902-1973), social anthropologist]
Publication details: 
Place not stated. 16 October 1925.

6pp., 4to. Paginated 1-7, with page 6 missing, and a strip at the bottom of page 5 torn away, resulting in the loss of five lines of text. The letter ends 'Our garden is coming along too slowly. | All best salaams,'. It lacks a signature, but comes from the Driberg papers, and it is presumably Driberg who removed what was probably part of the text which dealt with personal matters.

Autograph Letter Signed from the geologist George Gibbs to Charles Sumner, abolitionist Senator from Massachusetts, regarding the French jurist Jean-Jacques Gaspard Foelix and Sumner's review.

George Gibbs (1815-1873), American geologist and expert on Native American culture [Charles Sumner (1811-1874), abolitionist Massachusetts senator; Jean-Jacques Gaspard Foelix (1791-1853)]
Publication details: 
Greenwich, Massachusetts; 28 February 1836.

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. 35 lines of text. Addressed, with postmark, on reverse of second leaf, to 'Chas. Sumner Esq. | Boston | Masstts.' Very good, on aged paper. Written while Sumner was lecturing at Harvard Law School, the year before his visit to Europe. Gibbs explains that he has made an arrangement by which Sumner can forward his periodical the Jurist 'to [the French jurist] Foelix &c. & receive others in exchange. Hudson the Proprietor of the Merchants News Room has an agent in Paris & one in Narn to whom he will transmit them.

Two Autograph Letters Signed ('Horatio Hale' and 'H. Hale') from the ethnologist Horatio Hale to the Boston merchant W. W. Greenough, discussing matters including a future Lowell Institute lecture. With carte-de-visite photograph of Hale.

Horatio Hale [Horatio Emmons Hale] (1817-1896), American-Canadian ethnologist and anthropologist, noted for his studies of Native Americans [William Whitwell Greenough (1818-1899), Boston merchant]
Publication details: 
Letter One: 22 December 1882. Letter Two: 15 November 1886. Both from Clinton, Ontario, Canada.

All three items in good condition. Letter One: 22 December 1882. 7 pp, 12mo. On two bifoliums. In this letter Hale explains his reasons for turning down, despite the urging of his friends, the invitation to give 'six lectures, suitable for a Lowell Institute course'. He begins by apologising for not answering as a result of illness: 'this is the first time for ten years that I have been kept from attending my office by such a cause'. Since his 'Indian researches have become known' he has had many calls upon his time: 'I now find that I have been attempting too much.

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