['The same procedure, Miss Sophie?' Lauri Wylie, actor and author of the play ‘Dinner for One’.] Typed Letter Signed (‘Lauri.’) to theatre historian W. J. Macqueen-Pope, within weeks of his death, regarding the formiing of a limited company.

Lauri Wylie [Maurice Laurence Samuelson Metzenberg] (1880-1951), British actor and author, whose 1934 play ‘Dinner for One’ has had a significant cultural impact in Germany [W. J. Macqueen-Pope]
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12 April 1951. 8 Grand Avenue, West Worthing [Sussex].

A poignant document, showing Wylie, within weeks of his death on 29 June 1951, full of energy regarding a (possibly fraudulent) scheme. The comedian Freddie Frinton had acquired the rights to Wylie’s two-hander ‘Dinner for One’ after the second world war, and Frinton was seen performing it with May Warden in Blackpool in 1962 by a German television compere and his director.

[‘A deliberate attempt was made to overthrow the Government’: Lloyd George’s Chief Whip lays into a Liberal on the eve of the ‘Coupon Election’ following the end of the Great War.] Long Typed Letter Signed from Frederick Guest to W. H. Dickinson.

Frederick Edward Guest [Freddie Guest] (1875-1937), politician, sportsman and promoter of aviation, Chief Whip in Lloyd George's Coalition Liberal Party [Sir Willoughby Hyett Dickinson (1859-1943)]
Publication details: 
26 November 1918. On embossed letterhead of 12 Downing Street, S.W.1. [London.]

An extraordinary letter, rubbing the nose of a pro-Asquith Liberal in the muck on the eve of his leader Lloyd George’s landslide Coalition victory in the 1918 ‘Coupon Election’. Guest, who was Winston Churchill’s cousin, is described in his entry in the Oxford DNB as a ‘highly controversial’ figure who ‘knew where all the bodies were buried’, a useful attribute for someone who served as the Coalition Chief Whip from 1917 to 1921. The recipient Willoughby Hyett Dickinson (1859-1943), later an influential proponent of the League of Nations, began his career a Liberal MP.

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