[ National Federation of Women's Institutes. ] Two leaflets: 'Members, Committee, and Treasurer' (including contributions by Margaret Macnamara and G. Lampson) and 'Leaflet for Women's Institute Members'.

National Federation of Women's Institutes, London [ Margaret Macnamara; G. Lampson ]
Publication details: 
Both published by The National Federation of Women's Institutes, 26, Ecclestone Street, London, S.W.1. Neither dated [ both 1920s ].

Both items are 4pp., 8vo, on bifoliums. Both are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Both are scarce: the only copy of the first on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC at the British Library, and no other copy of the second traced. ONE: Title: 'Members, Committee, and Treasurer.' Leaflet headed 'National Federation of Women's Institutes | (Established in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).', and numbered 'N.F.W.I. - 17.' Price 1½d. Divided into: 'The Secret of Membership. | By Margaret Macnamara', 'Duties and Privileges of a Women's Institute Committee.

[Frank Curzon, The Yorkshire Union of Mechanics Institutes.] Autograph Letter, with a caricature of himself acting as the signature, to John Warren of Royston, thanking him in playful and punning style for arranging a rail trip.

Frank Curzon (1819-1907), poet of Exeter, Devon [The Yorkshire Union of Mechanics Institutes; John Warren, Royston, Hertfordshire]
Publication details: 
The Yorkshire Union of Mechanics Institutes, Victoria Chambers, Leeds. 9 November 1878.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. Consisting of a series of appalling puns, the letter reads: 'Dear Sir | Thanks for the Time Table it was a "rail" service and for your offer of a meal which will suit me to a "T" and for your selection of a bed, as I prefer Bedford to Bedlam, and for your instructions to change my train. It is easier to miss a train than to train a miss. | I feel now that I shall get to Royston with only the Hitchen that is necessary, and I am itching to get there when I feel that I am Warren-ted safe. | I remain My dear Sir | Yours truly'.

[Three printed reports.] Association of Teachers in Technical Institutes. Proceedings. [1904-05, 1905-06, and 1906-07]

[W. J. Lineham, Chairman, Association of Teachers in Technical Institutes; Board of Education Reference Library]
Publication details: 
All three volumes printed in London by E. G. Berryman & Sons, Steam Printers, Blackheath Road, S.E. 1905, 1906 and 1907.

The three volumes uniform, in light brown printed wraps. 12mo: [1] + 59pp., 84pp. and 134pp. All three with stamps, shelf-marks and red labels of the Board of Education Reference Library. The three volumes in good condition, on lightly aged paper, in worn and creased wraps. The first of the three volumes begins with a twenty-page address by the chairman W. J. Lineham, followed by eight and a half pages of discussions. The other two volumes print a variety of discussion papers and reports of discussions on them, and both have lists of members. Scarce: no copy on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.

[Printed British Act of Parliament.] The South London Polytechnic Institutes (Borough Road Site) Act 1890. An Act To authorise the purchase of a Site in Southwark for the South London Polytechnic Institutes. [Royal Assent, 2nd May, 1890.]

[The South London Polytechnic Institutes (Borough Road Site) Act 1890; Borough Polytechnic Institute; South Bank University; H. R. T. Alexander, Solicitor; Dyson & Co., Parliamentary Agents]
Publication details: 
'W. S. Johnson, "Nassau Steam Press," 60, St. Martin's Lane, W.C.'

[2] + 6 + [1] pp., 8vo. Stapled and unbound. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with minor rust spotting from staples. Above the printer's slug are the details of 'H. R. T. Alexander, 27, Ely Place, Holborn, E.C., Solicitor' and 'Dyson & Co., 24, Parliament Street, Westminster, Parliamentary Agents'.

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