[Georgian Northumberland: legal documents.] Two printed lists of justices of the peace, in extracts from the Commission of the Peace for Northurmberland, one of them amended in manuscript; and two lists of grand juries, magistrates and counsel.

Georgian Northumberland: Justices of the Peace, 1820 and 1830; Grand Juries, 1834 and 1836 [R. Walker, Printer, Newcastle.]
Publication details: 
The two printed items by R. Walker, Printer, Newcastle, 1820 and 1830. The manuscript lists from 1834 and 1836.

ONE: Printed document in the person of King George IV, containing a list of several hundred men appointed as justices of the peace, with extensive manuscript emendations and deletions in red and black ink. (A few names are added, but mostly the names of the dead are struck out.) Dated 16 November [1820] and signed in type ‘BATHURST.’ The first page is headed ‘Extracted from the Commission of the Peace for Northumberland.’ Aged and worn, with closed tear along fold-line of second leaf, the bottom corner of which is torn away, resulting in loss from around sixteen lines of text.

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