[Georgian Northumberland: legal documents.] Two printed lists of justices of the peace, in extracts from the Commission of the Peace for Northurmberland, one of them amended in manuscript; and two lists of grand juries, magistrates and counsel.

Georgian Northumberland: Justices of the Peace, 1820 and 1830; Grand Juries, 1834 and 1836 [R. Walker, Printer, Newcastle.]
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The two printed items by R. Walker, Printer, Newcastle, 1820 and 1830. The manuscript lists from 1834 and 1836.

ONE: Printed document in the person of King George IV, containing a list of several hundred men appointed as justices of the peace, with extensive manuscript emendations and deletions in red and black ink. (A few names are added, but mostly the names of the dead are struck out.) Dated 16 November [1820] and signed in type ‘BATHURST.’ The first page is headed ‘Extracted from the Commission of the Peace for Northumberland.’ Aged and worn, with closed tear along fold-line of second leaf, the bottom corner of which is torn away, resulting in loss from around sixteen lines of text.

[UK Parliament: the first Secret Session in House of Lords, 1916.] Twenty-seven items from papers of N. D. Bosworth Smith of Privy Council Office, including draft Order in Council, correspondence from Lords Crewe, Lansdowne, Morley, Haldane, Milner.

UK Parliament: the first Secret Sessions, 1916 [House of Lords; Secret Sittings; N. D. Bosworth Smith of Privy Council Office; Lords Crewe, Lansdowne, Morley, Haldane, Milner, Duke of Devonshire
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Privy Council Office and other locations in London and elsewhere in Great Britain. 20 to 25 April 1916.

An interesting collection of material relating to the preparations for the historic first Secret Session in the House of Lords, from the papers of Neville Digby Bosworth Smith (1886-1964) of the Privy Council Office. The material dates from the five days preceding 25 April 1916, when the House of Lords having voted in favour of the measure, it held a secret session to debate a motion regarding conscription following the passing of the Military Services Act 1916. (For a contemporary account of the parallel proceedings in the other house, see Sir C. P.

[ Victorian penology. ] The Punishment of Crime. Paper. Read at Sion College, 19th November, 1895, by Sir Richard Harington, Bart., Chairman of the Herefordshire Quarter Sessions.

Sir Richard Harington, Bart., Chairman of the Herefordshire Quarter Sessions [ Transportation ]
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Worcester: Printed by J. S. Cook, Reliance Work, Foregate Street. [ 1896. ]

32pp., 8vo. Stitched pamphlet. In fair condition, aged and spotted. In small print, with footnotes. One minor manuscript emendation.

[ Sir Richard Harington, judge. ] Autograph five-page 'Suggestion', being the evidence he proposes to give, as Vice-President of the Society of Chairmen of Quarter Sessions, to the Royal Commission on the Selection of Justices of the Peace.

Sir Richard Harington (1861-1931) of Ridlington, 12th Baronet, judge [ Royal Commission on the Selection of Justices of the Peace, 1910 ]
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Harington's document undated, on reverse of letterhead of the Shire Hall, Hereford. With TLS from the Society of Chairmen and Deputy-Chairmen of Quarter Sessions in England and Wales, Guildhall, Westminster, dated 21 April 1910.

In fair condition, on lightly-aged and rolled paper, attached with a rusty safety-pin. ONE: Harington's 'Suggestion'. 5pp., 4to. The document begins with his CV as it relates to England, the last entry in which reads: 'Chairman of Herefordshire Quarter Sessions since October 18, 1880. V[ice]. P[resident]. of Society of Chairmen of Q[uarter] S[essions].

[Manuscript] The Court Book of the High Sheriff of Yorkshire [High Sheriff's Book]

[ Walter Hawkesworth, High Sheriff of Yorkshire ]
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1720 to 1721

50pp. used, 41 x 16cm, poor condition, surviving front cover (title "High Sheriff's Book") detached, gatherings partly detached. Most in Latin. One page only (November 1721) interpreted by scholar seems to be a record of the civil cases (names, dates, etc.) coming before the Sheriff, almost all concerning debt of relatively minor claims of damages.

[Manuscript] The Notes of a Court Clerk of cases heard at the Easter Sessions probably at Devizes Magistrates Court (Wiltshire), given that Devizes House of Correction is the prison of choice..

[Court Clerk]
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"Easter Sessions", 9 April 1823.

24 pp, folio, some leaves detached, interleaved with blotting paper, not bound, fair condition; a scrawl of a handwriting, difficult to read. It starts with the date, 9 April 1823, Easter Sessions, two names of people who "qualified as magistrates", "The Revd R.P.B.

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