[Sir William Meyer describes Gandhi as 'a very remarkable character'.] Printed pamphlet: 'Lecture on the Position of India in the Empire delivered to the Working Men's Club, Mornington Crescent, London, on 4th February, 1922'.

Sir William Meyer, G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I. [Mahatma Gandhi; British India]
Publication details: 
London: Printed by His Majesty's Stationery Office for the High Commissioner for India. 1922.

25pp, 8vo. Stapled pamphlet in blue printed wraps. In fair condition, on aged paper, but with rusted staples which have caused the covers to become detached. Meyer's aim is to give 'an impartial picture of the past and the present of India'. Towards the end is a paragraph beginning: 'The extremists, as I have said, have not taken part in the elections and in the Legislatures they produced, but they are still very active, and their present leader, Mr. Gandhi, is a very remarkable character.

[ Syed Khelafat Hussain, Barrister-at-Law, Bhagalpur; contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi at Inns of Court ] Three printed transcripts of letters to A. P. Muddiman, High Court, Fort William, Bengal, regarding his 'complex relations with Mrs. Maloney'.

Syed Khelafat Hussain [ Syed Khilafat Hussain ] (b.c.1870) Barrister-at-Law, Bhagalpur, a contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi at the Inns of Court [ A. P. Muddiman, High Court, Fort William, Bengal ]
Publication details: 
All dated '8-4-07'. All by 'G.I.C.P.O.', i.e. Calcutta: Government of India Central Printing Office. [ High Court of Judicature, Fort William, Bengal; Appelate Side. Letters dated 25 February, 22 and 25 March 1907. ] First letter stamped 2 June 1907.

Each letter is on a separate leaf. The first and last are each 1p., 8vo; the middle one is 2pp., 8vo. Aged and worn. Hussain was disbarred from the Inner Temple in 1915. The labyrinthine first sentence of the first letter (25 February 1907) hardly inspires confidence: 'Your No. 553, dated the 18th February 1907, has come to hand only to-day, owing to my absence on account of Mohurrum holiday.

[ Reginald Reynolds, left-wing writer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Reginald Reynolds') to Francis Leslie Watson, complaining of his exclusion from a BBC radio programme on Mahatma Gandhi, one of whose closest English friends he claims to be.

Reginald Reynolds [ Reginald Arthur Reynolds ] (1905-1958), British Quaker and left-wing writer and pacifist, husband of Ethel Mannin [ Francis Leslie Watson (1907-1988), biographer; Mahatma Gandhi ]
Publication details: 
20 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London SW3. 13 October 1956.

1p., 4to. Sixteen lines of closely-written text. The letter begins: 'On my return yesterday from a lecture tour in America I happened to hear of the series on Mahatma Gandhi that you have compiled, with Maurice Brown, for the Third Programme.' He complains that, although Watson had previously had his assurance that he was willing to participate in such it programme, it is 'rather hurtful to find that you have evidently decided to cut me out of the programme.

[ Indian General Election, 1930. ] Two satirical 'Election Bulletins' in Telugu, with English phrases interspersed, numbered 1 and 2, printed by the Sri Rama Press, Vizagapatam, with references to 'Buchi Gandhi', 'Non-cooperation' and 'Swaraj'.

[ The Indian General Election, 1930; Mahatma Gandhi; Swaraj; non-cooperation ]
Publication details: 
Both items by the Sri Rama Press, Vizagapatam [Visakhapatnam, India]. The first dated from 'Vizagapatam' on 17 August 1930, and the second from the same place on 21 August 1930.

Two items, both 1p., folio, on pieces of cheap paper stock. Frail survivals: both in fair condition, on browned, worn and creased high-acidity paper. Both with punch-holes to one margin. The first with numbering to one margin, and the second initialled and dated in manuscript 22 August 1930 (in addition to the printed date of the day before). Both in smallish type, with the word 'Citizens' in the bottom right-hand corner and '(To be continued)' centred at foot.

[Agatha Mary Harrison, women's rights reformer and friend of Mahatma Gandhi.] Eighteen Signed Letters (sixteen in Autograph) and one card to H. Herbert C. Arthur, regarding her work for the American YWCA on child labour in China. With other matter.

Agatha Mary Harrison (1885-1954), English Quaker women's rights reformer and close friend of Mahatma Gandhi [World YWCA; women's rights; industrial welfare; child labour; China; H. Herbert C. Arthur]
Publication details: 
London, Prague, Asbury Park, Bristol, Manchester. Between 1924 and 1928.

16 ALsS, 2 TLsS, 1 ACS. Also included are a draft of Arthur's first letter to Harrison (see Item Twenty below), a photograph of Harrison and Mary S. Sims (Item Twenty-three), and two papers on workers' rights in China (Items Twenty-one and Twenty-two). The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Ten of the nineteen items are in their envelopes, addressed to Arthur at 59 Howard Rd, New Malden, Surrey, with three sent from on board ship (SS Aquitania, SS Mauretania and SS Berengaria). The letters total 43pp. (see each letter for format).

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