[King George V of Hanover.] Secretarial Letter Signed ('George R'), in English, to the dancing partner of his youth Lady Ann Cullum, giving news of his family and court. With two letters to Lady Cullum from Count Linsingen, and royal seal in red wax.

George V [Georg V] (1819-1878), last king of Hanover, cousin of Queen Victoria; Carl Baron von Linsingen (1822-1872) [Lady Ann Cullum, widow of Sir Thomas Gery Cullum of Hardwick House]
Publication details: 
King George V's letter: 28 November [1865]; Herrenhausen. Count Linsingen's two letters: 12 November and 18 December 1865; both from Hanover.

Four items, all in good condition, lightly aged, the three letters with stubs and labels used in mounting in an album. In addition to the pleasant picture they paint of the court gathered around the blind king in the last year of his kingdom's existence (with an interesting reference to the new palace he had built his wife at Marienburg), the three letters indicate a surprisingly cordial state in nineteenth-century Anglo-German relations.

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