[George Canning, Prime Minister; John Richardson of Oxford University.] Manuscript copies of poems which won Chancellor's Medal for Latin verse: Canning's 'Iter ad Meccam [Journey to Mecca]'; Richardson's 'Maria Scotorum Regina [Mary Queen of Scots]'

George Canning, British Prime Minister; John Richardson, Student of the University of Oxford [Chancellor's Medal for Latin verse]
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[University of Oxford, post 1789 and 1792.]

Manuscripts in a contemporary hand of two poems which won the University of Oxford Chancellor's Prize for Latin Verse, neither of them published. In 1789, Canning, as a Christ Church undergraduate, won the prize for the second of the two, 'Iter ad Meccam Religionis causa susceptum'; and in 1792 John Richardson, 'Scholar of University', won it for the first of the two, 'Maria Scotorum Regina'. The manuscript of the two poems totals 29pp, 8vo. The pages are written lengthwise on fifteen of the twenty leaves of a stitched booklet of laid paper with Britannia watermark.

[Pamphlet; offprint] Muhammad's Pilgrimage Proclamation

Richard Bell
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"From the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, April 1937".

Offprint of pp.[233]-244, light brown printed wraps, some sunning, mainly good condition.

Print of pencil drawing of Sharif Muhammad Amin, son of H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha (1866-1935), Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca.

W. B. Jemmett (d.1925), British miniature-painter and dandy [Sharif Muhammad Amin; H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha, Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca; Biarritz; Saudi Arabia; Arabic; Arabian; Arab]
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On a piece of grey paper roughly 25 x 22 cm, with card backing. The backing is rough-edged, the picture having been removed from its mount, but the edges of the print itself are undamaged. A little grubby, and with minor spotting and staining. Depicts the moustachioed sitter's head in profile, looking to his right, wearing a white guthra with decorative igaal. The image includes a reproduction of Jemmett's signature in the bottom right-hand corner, with the sitter's signature, in Arabic script, reproduced in the bottom left-hand corner.

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