[ Inscribed copy of printed work. ] Three Letters on the Policy of England towards the Porte and Mohammed Ali.

[ Sir John Gardner Wilkinson (1797-1879); Muhammad[a] Ali Pasha al-Mas'ud ibn Agha (1769-1849), Khedive of Egypt and the Sudan ]
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London: John Murray, Albermarle [ sic, for 'Albemarle' ] Street. 1840. [ London: Printed by Stewart and Murray, Old Bailey. ]

63 + [1]pp., 8vo. Erratum slip after title-leaf. Disbound. In fair condition, on aged and lightly worn paper. Withdrawal stamp of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society at foot of title-page, with shelf-marks at top-right of same page. Cropped inscription at head of page: 'With Sir Gardner Wiklkinson's | Compliments, to Gordon Gyle Esqr.' Beneath the title, in another hand: 'by Sir Gardiner [sic] Wilkinson Knt'. Scarce.

[Pamphlet; offprint] Muhammad's Pilgrimage Proclamation

Richard Bell
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"From the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, April 1937".

Offprint of pp.[233]-244, light brown printed wraps, some sunning, mainly good condition.

Print of pencil drawing of Sharif Muhammad Amin, son of H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha (1866-1935), Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca.

W. B. Jemmett (d.1925), British miniature-painter and dandy [Sharif Muhammad Amin; H.H. Amir 'Ali Haidar Pasha, Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca; Biarritz; Saudi Arabia; Arabic; Arabian; Arab]
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On a piece of grey paper roughly 25 x 22 cm, with card backing. The backing is rough-edged, the picture having been removed from its mount, but the edges of the print itself are undamaged. A little grubby, and with minor spotting and staining. Depicts the moustachioed sitter's head in profile, looking to his right, wearing a white guthra with decorative igaal. The image includes a reproduction of Jemmett's signature in the bottom right-hand corner, with the sitter's signature, in Arabic script, reproduced in the bottom left-hand corner.

The Scholar; Journal of the Arab Students' League.

Munir Atiyah; M. Masud Riza Khan; Samir Thabet; Muhammad K. Ibrahim; Majid Fakhri; Prof. Costi Zuraiq [THE ARAB STUDENTS' LEAGUE]
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92 Eaton Place, London: January, 1949.

Forty pages, octavo. In original cream stapled printed wraps. Good though somewhat worn and dogeared at corners, and with wraps creased, stained and with marks from rusty staples. Six essays: 'This Sorry Scheme of Things' by Atiyah; 'A Personal Communication' by Khan; 'Reflections on Islamic Art' by Thabet; 'Towards An Arab Federation' by Ibrahim; 'Algazel in the 13th Century Scholasticism' by Fakhri; and 'The Meaning of the Calamity (Book Summary)' by Zuraiq. With loose leaf printed subscription form. No record found (COPAC, BLC).

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